The department of mass communication today got a new vice-president. Ramson Acheme of HND one emerged as the new vice-president of the department, and he promised to live up to expectation and also to fulfill all his promises. Olutoyin Fanigan was Ramson opposition but Ramson won the election by two votes.




There is a maxim that says cleanliness leads to Godliness while on the other hand another says health is wealth. These  assertion holds water when it comes to sanitary condition of Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu.

Gone are the days in Laspotech when dirt stare the students and the staff of the school in their faces as there was no punitive measures put in place for those that did not keep their environment clean as expected of them by the school authority.

A couple of years back, the Honorable Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola introduced a policy that mandated all the market woman and every shop owners in Lagos state to always carry out an environmental sanitation on every Thursday in other to ensure cleanliness and promote good health, this policy was also extended to virtually all higher institutions in Lagos State, and Lagos state polytechnic was not an exception.

Speaking to one of the students of the institution on the sanitary condition of the school,  Adio Moses who is currently in HND 2 says ”the school environment is clean” and  Adio gave it a eighty percent rating. He also expressed his view on the way and manner that cleaners in the school have been working tirelessly and the level of compliance on the path of the shop owners as they always clean their environment when ever their customers litter the environment.

Unarguably, an environment that is not well sanitized will definitely bring about serious health diseases. Lack of sanitation has affects billions of people around the world, particularly the poor and disadvantaged.

In other to avert various health hazard that could lead to loss of lives on campus that one can easily contact through lack of sanitation. The Lagos State Polytechnic authority has put in place some facilities such as a movable trash can, and strict measures has always been taken against whosoever violate the rules and regulation guiding the sanitary process in the school