Bolowotan Football club (BFC) of Ikorodu began the journey of a new season in the Nigeria Nation wide league (NNWL) on Saturday, 3, March 2014 with a remarkable victory as they defeated Fountain Football club of Ekiti by 3 goals to nill, at Strong Tower stadium in Ikorodu.

Sodiq Shomefun in the 27th minutes of the game made the differnce through a
penalty kick after a Fountain FC player handled the ball in the box which the referee signal a penalty ,the second goal came from Jacob Ochuko in the 48th minute of the game, Saheed Obisesan came from the bench in the second half of the game to seal the victory as he netted the third goal of the game in the 78th minute.

Speaking to the coach of Fountain Fc after the game, Remi Olashebikan said it was not a good result for his team, he also said that Bolowotan made use of their home advantage.


The coach added that he will go back to the drawing board so that they can get three maximum point in their next game at home as they will be hosting Afijo.


The chairman of the club, Mr Toyin Gafaar who was wearing a new Bolowotan jersey said in an interview that Bolowotan FC should be looked out for this season that they will not repeat class again, he also said that his boys has aspired to break the jinx this time around. Mr.Garfar also stated that his club
should be in the prestigious Nigeria Premier League (NPL) by 2014.

Bolowotan Fc were clad in their traditional colors white top with red stripes and red pants with white stripes. The supporters of the Ikorodu club were very instrumental to this victory because they cheered the players all through the match.


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