Rasheed Yekini’s Neighbours Alleged Foul Play

It is no news that Rasheed Yekini is dead but there is something that is news

worthy after the death of the African legend who was and still is the the goal

machine for Nigeria National Football team.



Yekini’s neighbours disputed claims that he was mad. One of the people who

shared fences with him said “if he was mad, he would not go and engage a

labourer to cut the grass in front of his compound when it is due, a mad man

will not put on his generator to watch European Champions League games and

how would a mad man drive a car and go to the stadium to do exercise?

Someone who is mad will definitely not be able to coordinate such activities.”

It was gathered that he was last seen at home on Easter Day. Some of his

neighbours say they suspect foul play because his family members who he

never really trusted were the ones that came to take him away that day. Some

of them told Street Journal that they didn’t allow him to know they were

coming and they waited quietly in the neighbourhood. Immediately he drove

in and was about to open the gate, he saw them and before he could ask what

they wanted, they charged at him and put restraints on his legs. “We were

wondering what was going on because the guy wasn’t crazy, he was sound, at

least he could coordinate his activities, so why bind him under the guise of

taking him for treatment? I think there is more to it. He was even crying for

help that day begging that people should not allow them to take him away. I

think a post mortem examination should be conducted to determine the actual

cause of his death,” one of Yekini’s neighbours said.



One thought on “Rasheed Yekini’s Neighbours Alleged Foul Play

  1. This is quite unfortunate, why didn’t the neighbours challenge those people when they came to take him. Why wait till he’s dead before they say this?
    May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

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