The Nigeria Premier League (NPL)this season has attracted more followers not because the league is properly run but because we have people who are dedicated, determined and passionate, people who sees nothing but positive changes about the battered league, people who will risk their lives at match venues in order to ensure that NPL followers get first hand reportage of the battered league.

No doubt, the major actors of the league(Players) are in abject and consistent povert as a result of series of unpaid sign off fees, salaries and bonuses which has become a normal situation in the running of the league, but ‘WE’ will not go to sleep untill the anomalies rocking the league return to normal.

As the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) disciplinary committee and NPL board set to sit on Wednesday, 8, August, 2012, to decide on outstanding cases, and to take proper decision on Ocean Boys who have failed to honour two league matches, thus contravening Article 4.2 and Article 4.2 No.3 of NPL.

The rules governing the league must be strictly adhere to, sactions and fines must be must be meted out, Nigerians are waiting for the outcome of the meeting on Wednesday, we want justice to prevail so that our esteemed confidence in NFF disciplinary committee will not be dashed.



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